Vinyl Grading

The information below is a guide on how we grade the vinyl for sale at DNB Vinyl, We will add notes to the product description on items that have defects that may or will affect playback including scratches or other surface marks. We Do not grade outer sleeves, if an outer sleeve is missing we will indicate this in the product description or if the sleeve has rips.


A brand new vinyl which has never been played.

Near Mint

The vinyl will have minimal to no surface wear, the item will generally have been played a few times but handled with care. There should be no more than some minor defects such as ring wear. There should be no noticeable playback issues such as pops and crackles on a near mint item


Vinyl will have been played but handled with care, there will be noticeable surface wear such as light scratches and scuffs that do not affect playback. Vinyl will playback fully without skipping


Vinyl will show signs of wear such as scratches and surface marks that during playback will result in some noise such as crackles and pops, the vinyl will play fully without skipping

G+ or Good+

Vinyl will have noticeable scratches, surface marks and wear, noticeable crackles and pops will be evident during playback, these sounds will be more evident and will affect larger parts of the track compared to a vinyl marked VG

G or Good

A vinyl that will have significant & deeper scratches and surface imperfections, crackles and pops will be more evident than on a Good+ record

Fair or Poor

As a rule we will always avoid selling a vinyl in this condition. Any vinyl in this condition will have noticeable damage including such things as cracks, heavy warping which will affect both the sound quality during playback and the ability to play the track without skipping.